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I have a new Ballet Class CD, Everyone!

Yes, it's taken some time, but my newest ballet class music CD is just out. "Extended Piano Music for Ballet Class Vol. 1". Many thanks to Peggy Burks, my dance advisor. She is such an excellent teacher, and my friend for many years. We worked together on my first two CD's (many moons ago) and here we are again. We also had a lot of fun to making this your favorite new CD.

International Ballet Competition 2010

Accompanist Patience Clements will once again be accompanying classes at the International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi for the 2010 event. One of the world’s most prestigious dance events, the USA International Ballet Competition is a two-week “olympic-style” competition where tomorrow’s ballet stars vie for gold, silver, and bronze medals; cash awards and scholarships. Designated as the official USA Competition by a 1982 Joint Resolution of Congress, the USA IBC is held every four years, in the tradition of sister competitions in Varna, Bulgaria and Moscow, Russia.

About New Piano Music for the Dedicated Dancer with Susan Jaffe

I met Susan Jaffe through another wonderful teacher, Mark Bush. I thought she was so warm and sweet. And such a technique! I played for her almost everyday!...... I was so sad when the summer intensive was over. That was in 2004. So why not ask her to do a new CD with me? So I e-mailed Mark and asked him (now he’s mad at me because we’re supposed to do a CD, too) to put me in touch with Susan. And I asked her about the project. No response. So I figured, nice try. End of story. But I still thought it was a good idea so I e-mailed her again, two years later and brought it up one more time. And she said, “Yes, I meant to e-mail you back and say I’d love to do it!” I know they say "If you don’t ask, the answer is always no”, and really this CD is that thought put into action. I went to New York and New Jersey, playing at ABT and at The Princeton Dance and Theatre Studio (Susan’s school, very nice!). And I recorded all the pieces and tempos. Then I came back to Folly Beach. And sat around for a while. Cramped in a 600 square foot cottage with a dog and a boyfriend. Very hard to concentrate. So I ordered a canvas tent and set it up in the backyard to compose this CD. Listening to the quiet of every morning, playing back the tapes of those classes in NY. And the pieces just flowed! Thank you, Susan, so much, for working with me on this one.

Folly Pianist hired for International Ballet Competition

A re-print from the Post and Courier Sunday March 26, 2006 The USA International Ballet Competition has hired Patience Clements, a Folly Beach resident, as one of the pianists for The International Dance School held in Jackson, Ms. Clements will serve as one of the pianist accompanists for the school, which holds classes June 17, July 1. She has accompanied classes for more than 30 years and has worked with such national troupes as the American Ballet Theatre and the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. Clements has also produced three compact discs in the series "New Piano Music for the Ballet Class". The event is a two-week Olympic-style ballet competition where future stars vie for gold, silver and bronze medals, cash awards, dance company contracts and scholarships. Designated as the official ballet competition by Congress, the event is held every four years in Jackson in the tradition of ballet competitions held in Varna, Bulgaria and Moscow. The ballet school, which is held in conjuntion with the competition, provides an opportunity for immediate and advanced level students to study with the world's leading ballet teachers.

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